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Album Review : Sounds From Nowheresville – The Ting Tings (Sony Music Entertainment) : Released 27th Feb

Album Review : Sounds From Nowheresville – The Ting Tings (Sony Music Entertainment) : Released 27th Feb

Score 9 / 10

Sounds From Nowheresville is the eagerly awaited second album from the Ting Tings and comes a year after the band famously scrapped their last album without releasing it.

‘Silence’ opens proceedings well before finding ‘Hit Me Down Sonny’ which is pleasant enough but fails to really get going. ‘Hang It Up’ stands tall and proud as one of the best singles so far this year, with its rock / hip hop collision conjuring up memories of the Beastie Boys around their ‘Pauls Boutique’ era.  ‘Give It Back’ keeps up the rock theme while ‘Guggenheim’ brings in a backing choir over a killer bassline. This is the band at their best and anyone who tells your different needs their ears syringing!

‘Soul Killing’  heads almost into Specials territory while still managing to keep its own identity and then ‘One By One’ continues the Eighties theme with its electronic backdrop.  ‘One By One’ is bright and breezy and actually works quite well as a slower number, the chorus is still stuck in my head as I type!  ‘Help’ builds slowly and is effective in parts but I can’t say its my favourite track.  You can’t like them all I guess. ‘In Your Life’ starts with a menacing guitar and opens with the line “this could have been my destiny”.  The sound is stripped down to a guitar and a violin while Katie’s vocal holds the listener spellbound.

What are the band supposed to do?  No-one, themselves included, would have wanted a follow up album with ten updates of ‘That’s Not My Name’.  Instead this sees them keep a core of what they do best (‘Hang It Up’, ‘Guggenheim’) while not being afraid to branch out into new genres (‘Soul Killing’, ‘One By One’).  Those owning the deluxe format (myself included) also gain the new track ‘Ain’t Got Shit’, the former single ‘Hands’ and various new mixes of the key tracks.  For a few extra pennies it’s well worth a purchase.

Don’t let the doubters put you off.  This is fun and furious at times, slow and serious at others.  But overall I love the result.

25 February, 2012 - Posted by | ChartChat

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