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Chart Chat Album Review : ‘Delta Machine – Depeche Mode’ (25.03.13)

Album Review : Delta Machine – Depeche Mode (Monday 25th March)
It’s been four years since ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ but here we are with Depeche Mode’s new offering ‘Delta Machine’. Although you would have to go back to 1997’s ‘Ultra’ to find their last no.1 album few bands can claim to have trodden the fine line between critical acclaim and commercial success over the years better than Basildon’s finest export. 

So with little left to prove after over thirty years of making music just what do 2013 Depeche Mode sound like? Well for me the album is off to a slow start with opener ‘Welcome To My World’, which is pleasant enough but doesn’t really get out of first gear.  Thankfully second track ‘Angel’ is arguably the best track on here with Dave Gahan delivering full on Elvis style rock n roll vocals over an industrial backing track which works so well. 
Then it’s on to the melancholy single ‘Heaven’ which has failed to maintain their history of hit singles despite a CD, vinyl and digital remix release.  It flows well on here and is a grower, yet perhaps hasn’t received the kind of airplay it might have done a few years back. ‘Secret To The End’ is another favourite with it’s “could’ve been you / should’ve been you” refrain worming its way firmly inside your head by the time the song has reached it’s conclusion.
I could quite happily take or leave ‘My Little Universe’ but ‘Slow’ really grabs the listeners attention with its steel pedal guitar intro. “Let the world keep it’s carnival pace / I prefer to look into your beautiful face” croons Gahan against a stripped back instrumental arrangement, but then once again we’re faced with ‘Broken’ and ‘The Child Inside’ which again are both pleasant enough but for me fade into the background far too quickly.  There are clearly better songs on here.
‘Soft Touch / Raw Nerve’ has an uptempo beginning which would be fit for any of their big hits.  It would make a fine choice as a single and rattles along at a fair pace, and the same could be said for penultimate track ‘Sooth My Soul’ which is rumoured to be the next single choice.  That just 
For me this does enough to prove that the band still have what it takes although for my ear (and bear in mind I am not a die hard fan) there are a few too many anonymous tracks to make it a true classic.  That said there are four or five real corkers on here which are worth the £10 purchase alone.  Welcome back, let’s hope it’s not another four years before we hear from them again.
Total Awarded : 7.5

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