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Chart Chat Album Review : ‘Re-Mit’ – The Fall (13.05.13)

Chart Chat Album Review : ‘Re-Mit – The Fall’ (13th May 2013)

Fans of The Fall will be well aware that this is the band’s thirtieth album since forming back in 1976. Of those thirty, only eight have made top forty with 1993’s ‘The Infotainment Scan’ giving them a sole top ten appearance, peaking at no.9. Two of their three top forty singles came with covers; ‘There’s A Ghost In My House’ peaked at no.30 having originally been recorded by R Dean Taylor while their take on The Kinks ‘Victoria’ made no.35.  ‘Free Range’ was their only self penned top forty hit, hitting no.40 back in 1992.

However The Fall have never been about chart positions.  Mark E Smith has led his ever changing line up through various musical eras and trends while retaining the bands own distinct sound.  Much is made of the constant hiring and firing of musicians in The Fall but this is the fourth consecutive album with the current line up, a sea of relative tranquility in the bands history.

That stability is reflected in their new album ‘Re-Mit’. It opens with a minute of ‘No Respects’, a track which is revisited in more detail later, before launching into the single ‘Sir William Wray’. It’s one of the best tracks on the album, with Smith growling the songs title amongst distorted and sometimes indecipherable lyrics.

‘Kinder Of Spine’ is up next and slows things down with Smith talking about spiders and duvets.  “Why have I got them?” yells Smith at the end before launching into ‘Noise’, a track which weighs in at just over two minutes. The lyrics are much clearer with Smith snarling “kids as we get older / we have to try and understand people who are different from us / Peter is one of these people”.

‘Hittite Man’ featured on the b side of ‘Sir William Wray’ and a remix was offered on the internet prior to the albums release. “Hittite Man / emerges from the ground / white robes” are the opening lyrics of what is another of the albums highlights. It’s also one of the longer tracks on the album, ending just short of six minutes. However that is soon offset by the 68 seconds of ‘Pre-MDMA Years’ which features Smith’s vocals over a very stripped down musical backing track.

‘No Respects Rev’ is an extended version of the one minute opener and is almost bright and breezy by The Fall’s own standards. It’s much more uptempo, just as ‘Sir William Wray’ was. The Fall albums often grow over time but for me this is my favourite track on the first few listens.

‘Victrola Time’ has been heard before, featuring as the lead track on last years Record Day 7″ vinyl release ‘Night Of The Humerons’. The keyboards of Eleni Poulou take the lead here before Smith’s vocals kick in a minute or so into the track.  Next up is ‘Irish’ which rocks along nicely, picking up pace as the track progresses.

‘Jetplane’ tells the tale of standing in a queue at an Italian airport, a topic which few other bands will have covered! ‘Jam Song’ is the penultimate track on the album, and starts with a very random selection of instruments and musings from Smith but once the drums kick in its actually pretty good. All of this leads up to ‘Loadstones’, the albums final track. Again the guitars are prominent hear, and this is The Fall at their best with an uptempo song scattered with Smith talking about “local loadstones” whatever they are!  It certainly sees the album end on a high.

The bottom line is that while their uncompromising style is undoubtedly their strength, this album won’t win many new fans.  That said there is enough here to delight the hardcore fans, and it’s a step forward from ‘Ersatz G.B.’ which even Smith seems to have lost interest in given some of his recent interview quotes.

 Total awarded : 8 / 10


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