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Chart Chat Special : David Bowie – ‘Blackstar’ (Released 20.11.15)

Last time around his comeback single ‘Where Are We Now?’ appeared without warning and was released to download on the same day. It peaked at no.6 and in doing so gave him his highest charting single since ‘Absolute Beginners’ back in 1986. The accompanying album ‘The Next Day’ soon went straight in at the top and despite his reticence to tour David Bowie was well and truly back on the musical map.

This time around couldn’t be more different with ‘Blackstar’ receiving it’s world premier across TV channels. A sprawling ten minute song, this is a far cry from his radio friendly singles in the 1980’s. The video opens with an astronauts suit and a woman with a tail who discovers a jewel encrusted skull inside the outfit.

Bowie makes his first appearance blindfolded alongside dancers who appear to be shaking in an involuntary manner. It is a striking image, and a little disturbing! Things take a different turn after five minutes with Bowie singing “something happened on the day he died” over a very different musical backdrop. For two minutes the track takes a calmer and more pop based direction with his blindfold now gone. Lyrically we find the line “I’m a blackstar” on repeat while visually we move to three scarecrows tied to what appears to be a form of crucifix. However his blindfold returns at the end of the video as a group of women dance around the skull.

Musically this shows he has lost none of his sense of adventure, and we look forward to his album of the same name which is set for release in January 2016. Who else would dare to release a ten minute single, particularly one with such a stunning video?

19 November, 2015 - Posted by | ChartChat

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