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The Fall – ‘Wise Ol’ Man EP’ (19.02.16)

The Fall – ‘Wise Ol’ Man EP’ (Released 19.02.16)

I always used to get excited on Monday’s when I would head to my local record store to evaluate the weeks new releases. Now with the advent of downloads that excitement has faded – there is no excitement to downloading a track you already have whereas years ago I may have still purchased that track as a 7″ single to listen to the B side and to keep my collection by that band.

Today sees the release of the new EP by The Fall entitled ‘Wise Ol’ Man’ and I have to say that I was excited when it dropped onto my doormat this morning.  Ok it’s not the same as buying the vinyl single, carrying it home on the bus and putting the needle into the groove but it was my most eagerly awaited release of 2016 so far.

Anyone who watched Mark E Smith’s interview with Channel 4 news journalist Krishnan Guru-Murphy last week will know that he has lost none of his wit, wisdom or ability to sink beer / whiskey the best of us.

The lead track features a cross section of vocalists and not just Smith’s trademark growl.  At just over three minutes long it is verging on a radio friendly pop single but it certainly won’t be heard anywhere too mainstream in a hurry.

‘All Leave Cancelled’ appears in its full eight minute glory, although a reprised take on the track lasting just two minutes also closes the EP. ‘Dedication’ is a remix of the track ‘Dedication Not Medication’ which first appeared on last years ‘Sub-lingual Tablet’ album while ‘Venice With Girls’ also originally featured on that album, albeit in a slightly different mix.

‘Facebook Troll’ is also updated from the album, now extended to include ‘No Xmas For John Quay’ with the combination stretching the track through the seven minute mark.  It mixes both studio and live recordings to good effect.

All in all this is an enjoyable EP even if some of the tracks have existed in a previous form. ‘Wise Ol’ Man’ sounds fresh and energetic, and would certainly be in John Peels Festive 50 for 2016 if he was still with us.   This release will keep us going for now but fingers crossed for a full length album before the year is out.


Ian Anderson


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